Nieatra Shirell Morant

When I tell you it’s nothing like the PSPCA, it’s nothing like it. It’s low-key, looks like someone’s home and feels like it too. Has the cutest cat just roaming free like “Don’t mind me. Nothing to see here.” They care for their patients and the families. I’m a first time cat owner with a very sick cat at the moment and so even though I’m a registered nurse, giving a cat meds and insulin is a whole new adventure for me. Dr. Goin and her nurse Jackie made sure I was involved for the entire visit, there was no snatching my cat into another room on a clandestine mission. They both took the time to explain everything to me and even with the many questions I was asking, they were so patient.  I would say they are in the mid price range. I say this after visiting the PSPCA and VSEC.  I feel confident that they are willing to get my cat healthy just as much as I want her healthy too. Dr. Goin developed a treatment plan and I see an improvement in my Luna already. I highly recommend seeing them for all of your cat needs. They are called “The Cat Doctor” for a reason, they specialize in cat care. I’m also looking for their boarding services since my cat is now on insulin and I’d rather have them caring for her instead of a family member if she’s still on insulin if and when I go on vacation.