Peaceful Compassionate Euthanasia

Peaceful & Compassionate Euthanasia in Philadelphia

Ensuring Your Cat Is Treated with Dignity & Respect

The decision to euthanize is often the most difficult decision a cat owner has to make. Sadly, most cats do not peacefully pass away from old age in the comfort of their own home. Cat owners must strike the delicate balance between waiting too long and risk having their cat be in discomfort, or deciding too soon and wondering if they’ve deprived themselves and their cat of even a day or two more of a comfortable life.

At The Cat Doctor, we understand the concerns and emotions our clients experience when faced with this difficult decision. Our veterinarians can help guide you in assessing your cat’s quality of life. We offer gentle, compassionate euthanasia here in our office during regular appointment times.

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When Is It Time?

Euthanasia is always a difficult decision, and there is no right answer as to when the perfect time may be; however, our trained veterinary team is here to help guide you through the process. It is always better to plan and discuss the euthanasia process with your veterinarian before the time comes. Euthanasia is meant to allow your cat to pass without pain or anxiety.

One way to help gauge when the right time is through monitoring your cat’s good days and bad days. If the bad days outnumber the good ones, it may be time to sit down and discuss the situation with one of our veterinarians. We recommend keeping a log or a journal to record your observations and then share them with our team.

Emergency Situations

Sometimes, problems arise in the middle of the night or on weekends when our hospital is closed. You and your cat deserve immediate attention when you are facing an emergency. If we are closed, and you are in a situation that can’t wait until we open, we recommend going to:

If we are closed during a non-emergency, we recommend Lap of Love which can perform euthanasia in your home:

To learn more about this difficult procedure, reach out to our cat veterinarians in Philadelphia today at (215) 515-0080.

What Makes Us The Right Choice.

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