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Motion Sickness in Cats

May 31, 2017

Motion sickness in cats is a common problem. Unlike many dogs that can be “trained” to comfortably ride in cars, cats prove much more challenging to overcome their anxiety.Most motion sickness cases in cats are caused primarily by the stress and anxiety associated with travel. Cats that travel only once or twice a year (typically […]

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Do Cats Like to Be Alone?

May 30, 2017

Do Cats Like to Be Alone? Chances are your cat likes to stay to him or herself most of the time, so you might think they don’t even notice your absence each day after you head to work. Actually, you’d be surprised at how much they do notice.If you’re a cat person, it might appear […]

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Pet Insurance Buying Tips

1. Don’t put it off! The number one reason people site for not purchasing a pet health insurance policy is that “didn’t get around to it.” Oftentimes, pet parents will wait until their pet is already injured or ailing before looking into pet insurance. The truth is, the best time to protect your pet is […]

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Dental Health is Important

May 19, 2017

Dental disease can be very painful for a kitty to endure, but that is not the only reason it is important to address periodontal disease in a timely manner. When your cat’s mouth is inflamed, bacteria from his oral cavity can become systemic, invading other organs such as his heart, liver,  and kidneys. Over time, […]

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