Cat Doctor - Veterinary Pharmacy


We carry the most commonly prescribed medications necessary to treat your cat’s medical condition. We also work with specialized veterinary pharmacies that can compound most medications into a formulation that may be easier for you to administer, such as a flavored liquid, or a chewable treat among other forms. Our doctors are aware of how difficult it can be to administer medication to cats. Working together, we will find a way to ensure that your cat gets the medications he or she needs, in the least stressful manner. 


Medication and surgery are no longer the only options for the treatment of illnesses in cats. As veterinary medicine has progressed, the use of therapeutic diets has played an increasingly important role in the management of many illnesses.The Cat Doctor carries a wide variety of therapeutic diets that will meet your cat’s medical needs.


If you need a refill for a medication or therapeutic diet, we ask that you please call in advance to make sure we have what you need in stock. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, feel free to ask! In many cases, we can special-order medications and prescription diets. Special orders require that you pay in advance, and generally take about a week to come in. You can also save a trip to the office by visiting our online pharmacy and getting home delivery!