Cat Doctor - House Calls, Pickups, Drop-offs

House Calls/Pickup/Drop-off Service

If your cat gets anxious coming to the vet you may want to try our housecall service. The Cat Doctor offers housecall services within a ten-mile radius of our hospital. A doctor and technician will come to your home to examine your cat and are able to provide most routine care. We are able to administer vaccines, obtain labwork and take blood pressure readings during a home visit.

Alternatively, our technicians are able to come pick up your cat to bring them to the hospital if you have trouble getting them in a carrier. You can then either come pick them up from our office once they’ve been examined and any procedures they need are performed or our technicians can drop them back off at home for you.

Housecalls and pick up/ drop-off services typically require scheduling at least a few days in advance. Please call the office if you’re interested in learning more about either of these services.

We also offer transfer to emergency facilities for our hospitalized patients if needed as well as medication and food delivery!