The Cat Doctor - Cat Boarding


The Cat Doctor has a limited number of boarding spaces which are available for reservation to our current active clients. We do our best to make your cat feel at home if he or she needs to stay with us for a while. Our trained staff can administer any medications while your cat is with us if indicated. Your cat’s attitude and appetite will be monitored while they are here and any concerns are brought to a doctor’s attention. You are welcome to bring your cat’s favorite food, treats, toys, and special bedding however, please do not bring anything that you or cat will be upset about if it goes missing (sometimes things get lost in the wash!). Your cat can also have their bi-annual exam, vaccines, labwork, or any other procedures done while they are staying with us.

If your cat has never been seen by one of our doctors we will be happy to retrieve your cat’s past medical records. Generally, we will need to have one of our veterinarians give your cat a physical exam prior to boarding. We would also review your cat’s past vaccination history. Boarders must be current on vaccines (unless there is a medical reason they cannot be vaccinated). If your cat has any medical requirements, such as prescription needs, we will be happy to take care of the regimen during the length of your cat’s stay.

Holiday Boarding: Due to our limited space, we recommend reserving your cat’s holiday boarding long in advance.