In case of an after-hours emergency please contact the following emergency hospitals:

1114 South Front St
Philadelphia, PA 19147

3900 Spruce Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104
215-746-V911 or 215-746-8911


Our routine outpatient visits are twenty minutes long, during which your cat will be thoroughly examined and an individualized vaccination schedule will be provided for your cat based on his or her needs. Before you leave, the doctor will go over her findings and send you home with a written report that includes her assessment and recommendations.

Illness Treatment and In-Patient Care
Some cats occasionally require hospitalization at our facility to treat their particular health problem. Being a cats-only veterinary hospital, our doctors and staff are especially sensitive to the needs of our feline patients. We offer a quiet, calm (no dogs!) welcoming environment with an emphasis on minimizing patient stress and alleviating pain and discomfort. Intravenous fluids, antibiotics and other medications are administered by a fully-trained staff. The doctors and technicians at The Cat Doctor are all cat owners themselves and we treat our patients with the same respect and compassion that we have for our own cats.

Some things that may require in-patient care could include recovery from sedation, recovery from surgery, enemas, IV fluid therapy, urinary obstruction, subcutaneous fluids, among others.

If our veterinarians feel that your cat would be better served receiving overnight care or should be seen by a specialist, we would refer you to the appropriate hospital and doctor for continued care.

We will also make sure you know when your cat will need additional veterinary care via a reminder system. You will be able to access information about your cat’s visits and scheduled reminders through 
Please let us know if you need help creating an account. We want you to be an informed partner in the decisions that are made about your cat’s care.