In case of an after-hours emergency please contact the following emergency hospitals:

1114 South Front St
Philadelphia, PA 19147

3900 Spruce Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104
215-746-V911 or 215-746-8911


At The Cat Doctor, our boarding area is designed to provide comfort and privacy in a calm and quiet facility. Our boarding facility is temperature-controlled and well-ventilated. We do our very best to make your cat feel at home if he or she needs to stay with us for a while.  Every cat is exercised daily in a safe and controlled environment and classical or soft jazz music is provided to ease stress.  

Boarding at our facility is ideal, especially if your cat has certain medical conditions (such as diabetes) that require medication. Our trained staff can administer oral medication, insulin, or give subcutaneous fluids while your cat is with us if it is indicated. Your cat’s attitude and appetite will be monitored twice a day while they are with us and any concerns are brought to the attention of one of our doctors.  Special food requirements or preferences will be noted and served. Our feline facilities are thoroughly cleaned and sterilized between boarders.

We recommend that you bring your cat’s favorite food, treats, toys, and special bedding. Please do not bring special furniture. There may be an opportunity for your cat to have additional services (bath, grooming, dental cleaning, physical examination, etc.) if warranted. Please ask our staff about these extras and their associated costs.

Boarders must be current on vaccines (unless there is a medical reason they cannot be vaccinated) The Cat Doctor has a limited number of boarding space which is available for reservation to our clients. In order to board your cat(s) with us, your cat(s) will need to have had a physical examination by one of our veterinarians. Cats also must be up to date on Rabies and FVRCP vaccinations (unless there is a medical reason they cannot be vaccinated). If your cat has been seen by us: You will most likely be able to board your cat without having to come in ahead of time for an exam. If your cat has not had an exam in over six months or your cat is overdue for vaccinations, we may insist that your cats receive a physical exam and vaccinations during their stay. If your cat has not been seen by us: We will be happy to retrieve your cat’s past medical records. Generally, we will need to have one of our veterinarians give your cat a physical exam prior to boarding. We would also review your cat’s past vaccination history. If your cat has any medical requirements, such as prescription needs, we will be happy to take care of the regimen during the length of your cat’s stay.

Holiday Boarding: Due to our limited space, we recommend reserving your cat’s holiday boarding long in advance.