Tailored Wellness Programs


Our Wellness Programs Can Extend the Life of Your Pet

Our  Wellness Programs are designed to promote good health for your pets and identify potential problems early enough to increase the chances of successful treatments and reduce the long-term costs of serious diseases. Cats are experts at hiding their clinical signs. Evolutionarily, cats are programmed to conceal signs of illness. Predators instinctively look for the weakest or sickest animal to prey on, so cats do everything they can to pretend that they’re not sick until they simply can’t hide it anymore. By the time the cat reveals to the owner that he is sick, the illness may have progressed too far to successfully treat. Early detection of illness is the key to keeping your cat healthy. The goal is to improve your pet’s health and prolong their lives. 

Your Pet Can't Tell You When He Feels Sick

Frequent examinations and early testing are the keys to preventative veterinary care. 

Our Wellness Programs includes a complete head-to-tail, hands-on evaluation of your pet’s body, organs and systems. We add special tests to assess your pet’s blood, urine, bones, respiratory and circulatory systems and key organ functions. 

We also offer thorough and tailored recommendations on how to prevent illnesses and extend quality lifetimes:

  • The best food for your cat and how to prevent weight-related diseases such as diabetes.
  • The right medications to prevent fleas and ticks.
  • Recommendations for parasite prevention.
  • A customized set of vaccinations for your cat to meet his or her specific needs.
  • An expert assessment of your cat’s teeth and creation of a plan for routine cleanings and care.
  • Strategies to manage behavior issues, including equipment, medicine and training.
  • Breed-specific and hereditary health recommendations.

Cats today are living longer and better quality lives than ever before, thanks to improved nutrition, veterinary care and educated owners. This increased longevity means that more cats are reaching an older age, and that owners will be faced with the special demands and problems that become apparent with age. Understanding the aging process and the most common problems that face cats are the first steps in providing the best possible care to felines.

Simple tests can check your cat’s liver and kidneys, white cell count and red cell count, blood sugar, electrolytes, and thyroid status. They can also alert us to hidden infections, inflammatory disease, anemia, and sometimes cancer. Once the problem is identified, appropriate treatment decisions can be made. Many times, a simple change in diet is all that is needed to avoid major health problems in your pet.

The following are important to keep you cat healthy:

  • Thorough Physical Examinations
  • Tailored Wellness Programs
  • Illness Treatments and In-Patient Care
  • Vaccinations
  • Internal Parasite Control
  • Prescriptions, Refills, and Diets


Kitten Wellness Plan

This wellness plan is designed to make sure your kitten begins life’s journey on the right track, covering all needed health and wellness care for the first year of life. We test to make sure that we’re starting out free from the FeLV and FIV virus, and then we ensure that the rabies and FVRCP pediatric vaccines are administered at the proper time. We check for intestinal parasites and deworm if necessary. And of course, when it becomes time to spay or neuter, our caring staff is at the ready.

Prime Wellness Plan

Your cat is 3 to 7, the “prime years.” The Prime Wellness Plan consists of a thorough physical examination, complete blood count, serum biochemistry panel, complete urinalysis, and an intestinal parasite evaluation.

Mature/Senior Wellness Plan

Your cat is between 8 and 15, the mature and senior years. Cats in this phase of life are susceptible to illnesses such as chronic renal failure, hyperthyroidism, diabetes and hypertension. The Senior Wellness Program consists of a physical examination, complete blood count, serum biochemistry panel, thyroid function test, complete urinalysis, and intestinal parasite evaluation.

Geriatric Wellness

The main focus of geriatric health care is owner education and the early detection and prevention of disease. For geriatric cats (cats over 15 years of age), cats in this phase of life are susceptible to illnesses such as chronic renal failure, diabetes, hyperthyroidism, high blood pressure and urinary tract infections. It is best to tailor the health program to your cat’s specific needs. The Cat Doctor  is devoted to keeping your senior cat happy, healthy, and comfortable for as long as possible.


Do You Have Pet Health Insurance For Your Cat?

At The Cat Doctor, your cat’s health and well-being is our passion. Veterinary care is important to your pet’s health and today we have better resources and options available to help your cats live longer, happier and healthier lives.

Why Do We Recommend Pet Insurance?

Quite often, we see pet owners bring their cats into The Cat Doctor due to an injury or illness that they were not expecting. This can put pet owners in a tough position on whether or not they are able to afford the care their cat’s needs. We never want you to be in a position where you need to choose medical care for your pet or your financial stability. That’s why we recommend pet medical insurance to all our clients in order to avoid those situations.

Here at The Cat Doctor, we work closely with several pet insurance companies to offer ideal coverage plans and options. We highly recommend visiting the websites for the following pet insurance companies to see what works best for you.