Meet Our Technicians

Our Technician staff are behind the scenes performing lab tests, monitoring anesthesia, dispensing prescriptions, and nursing your cat when they stay with us. These individuals have received special training to be able to answer any questions you may have and provide the best possible care for your cats. They also provide compassion and care for your family member with the doctors in the exam room as well as when they board with us. These are the team members that hold, hug, cuddle, feed, medicate, and love your pets while they are with us.

Miriam Fernandez

Originally from New York, Miriam moved to Philadelphia in June of 2006. Ever since she was a little girl, she loved animals and knew she wanted a career working with them. She attended Rutgers University in New Brunswick where she obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Animal Science. Miriam has worked as a Veterinary Technician since 2004. She joined The Cat Doctor crew in January of 2006, and has loved every second of her time here! Miriam shares her apartment with four extremely spoiled kitties: Sebastian, Vincent, Skellington, Duncan, Sally, and her enormous dog, Kip. Miriam is also an amazing and dedicated kitten foster parent when the need presents itself.

Kris Klufas

Kris was born and raised right here in Fairmount and is currently living in Chestnut Hill with her husband, Michael, and their 4 cats. She spent her early career in clothing retail for close to 20 years, but decided to take a chance and change careers after being laid off. Kris graduated from Walter Biddle Saul High of Agriculture Sciences class of 1988, and though she was a Horticulture Major she loved her animal science classes. Kris was a client here since her first cats in 1984, which is why she was so happy to have the chance to intern here after finishing an online course to be a Veterinary Assistant, and thrilled to have been hired after her internship. Even after over 5 years she’s excited to be part of the team because she believes in the service and quality that the doctors and staff give to all their patients.

Vania Monsul

Vania grew up in New Jersey and graduated from Drexel University with a degree in Biological Sciences. Prior to working at The Cat Doctor, she worked as a dog groomer and will still do some private grooming of both cats and dogs. Part of her love for grooming is the relationships she began to build with each of her clients. What she loves most about grooming is the trust that must be gained between her and the pet prior to each grooming session. She had to learn how to read their body language in order to communicate that they would be safe with her. She truly values the relationship between animals and people. Since she was 3 years old she wanted to become a Veterinarian, and has always sought out animal related jobs. Vania’s ultimate goal is to go to Veterinary School, but for now, she is very happy and content working at The Cat Doctor as a Veterinary Assistant. She loves the quality of care provided here and how much the staff cares about each and every client and patient individually and the extra steps taken to do so.

Shanna Murphy

Shanna started in the veterinary field her senior year of high school. As part of a work study program, she worked at the Montgomery County SPCA and was there until she graduated high school. They liked her there so much that they hired her! She continued to work there for 3 years as a kennel attendant, assisted with client communications and assisted with surgical preparation of patients. In 2013, she started working for the Pennsylvania SPCA as an assistant. She worked very hard to advance her skills and be promoted to a Senior Technician only 1 1/2 years later, this advancement led her to be promoted, yet again, to AM Lead Technician in just 7 months time. We are now very fortunate to have her and her amazing technical abilities here at The Cat Doctor working as a Senior Technician. She is a self-proclaimed “Crazy Cat Lady” and lives with her 2 male cats, whom she considers her children. In her spare time she enjoys like eating (especially tacos), hiking and watching her favorite television shows.